Why Electric Staplers Are Incredibly Useful

Published: 18th August 2010
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Sometimes in life you have no idea what you have been missing out on and then it just hits you.

Until now you might have been thinking that it is completely normal for stapling to be an uncomfortable chore. This is not the case with electric staplers, they handle the job without any effort on your part and the result will be clean and professional.

Stapling tens or hundreds of sheets each day with a normal stapler can be dangerous as this is a very repetitive pattern of motions and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Electric staplers can therefore save you from a lot of pain and stress when compared to manual stapler.

Electric staplers don't require the user to apply certain pressure or use force which can cause your work to lack quality and make you look very unprofessional. For example, trying to staple together a stack of 30 papers with a manual stapler will usually not end well since you need to apply exceptional force to do it.

Most electric staplers have no issues going through tens of sheets in one go quickly and efficiently. If you have a heavy stack of high quality paper sheets that need stapling, the last thing you want is to have several staples smashed on them.

Electric staplers are very versatile in the way that there are many different models to match different requirements. You might only need an electric stapler for light home use or heavy commercial use. You also might find it more convenient to have a stapler that is portable or more stable desktop version.

If you happen to hate or find it a chore to refill your stapler constantly, most electric staplers have either quick refill times, huge storage for staples or both. If you need to staple something daily this will make your life much easier.

Electric staplers are also very affordable, depending on your needs. For basic needs, the electric staplers for light use retail prices range from $20 to $50 whilethe heavy duty commercial enterprise versions can cost hundreds of dollars. If you just want the job to get done, even the most basic electric staplers have everything you need. If you want a portable stapler, some electric staplers support batteries and the portable electric staplers also support static power so you won't constantly have to replace their batteries when you are not traveling.

The most basic electric stapler should be able to go through 20 sheets at minimum. The heavier versions can, however, staple up to almost a hundred of sheets! Before buying an electric stapler you should always know what it is capable of, most of the time the amount of staples the elecitrc stapler is designed to go through is mentioned in the product description.

In conclusion, select your stapler wisely. It makes no sense to pick a heavy duty electric stapler for light home use and it is certainly frustrating to have a light weight electric stapler in heavy enterprise use. Look for speed and accuracy as well.

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